Change text on mk3/M+ displays in MIDI mode dynamically?

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I'm using Remotify/Control Surface Studio to make a custom remote script for Ableton using my Maschine Plus in MIDI mode.

So far it's going great. I can change the colour of pads by sending them velocity values. I can update the encoder values by sending them velocity values. Super slick.

My question is: is there a way to change the name of each label on the display by sending its respective encoder/pad a MIDI message? I see that Remotify/CSS has the ability to send custom MIDI scripts. Can the label text on the displays be update via MIDI scripts?

I haven't found any documentation for it, so I'm assuming no, but thought I'd ask.




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    Welcome to the community!

    Awesome question if you ask me (I'm a geek myself, this is right up my ally though I never experimented witht his before 😎)

    I'd look into the controller editor for this, it allows you to re-assign pretty much everything there is and I can't help assume that if NI does allow you to "hack" into the text display that this would also be feature there. Of course this is guessing on my part since I hardly used it so far myself.

    Of course it might be a hidden feature... I think this is a really good question, interesting too!, and hopefully Matt will agree with me. If there's anyone who would know, or would know who to ask I'd imagine it to be him.

    @Matt_NI Would you know anything about this or would know who to talk to?


    In the mean time I used some of my Google-fu again (I have looked into this before) and found this thread on the old forum which isn't really helpful on its own but might give you some ideas? =>

    Also... I found this awesome NI blog post but as you can see... their comments about the controller editor never included anything about the screen.

    So I am convinced that you'd have to get some official comments for this. Hopefully Matt can help us out, but ... don't keep your hopes up because I can also well imagine that staffers might not want to share specific info if there is a risk of people "bricken" their hardware when it's not used right... but... we can always ask! 😊

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    Short answer? No, it's not possible - Unless you know quite a bit of Python, MCU, and the Ableton Scripting API.

    Long answer:

    The MCU / Mackie Controller Editor "template" is designed to work with the methods used by original Mackie controllers to display text, simple things like track names, and such. It is possible to combine the CE template + MCU methods in an Ableton Script to dynamically change text labels but CSS/Remotify doesn't have a built easy way to use the MCU protocol so you would have to do it manually.... unless you're borderline a dev you won't be able to do that.

    I think Elton's custom script has some screen feedback, not sure since I don't own it tho:

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