How does it link up to a Maschine?

I saw in a video a Maschine sitting next to the X1 MK3. I've never used any traktor dj equipment, because I've only always produced (using a LOT of NI gear - including the KORE1 & 2)

After seeing the video - I am interested in adding it's small footprint to the studio i've got set up!


  • LostInFoundation
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    How do you plan to add it? As a controller for traktor or as a general midi control to expand controls on Maschine/other daws?

  • Jonny Visan
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    I don't really know - can I use it the way I used to use the KORE - meaning I can program anything to be connected to anything? I was thinking of adding it more as a general midi controller - but maybe there's already a plan like that using both of them together?

  • 6xes
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    there are a couple of ways to implement Maschine & traktor to work either in unison or independantly...

    for instance, you can have them sync'd together with a midi clock or using the link function... and the audio is output is independant

    if however you wanted to use the sync via midiclock or the link function AND send audio between for FX purposes... then you need a virtual audio software, to pipe(route) the audio from the output of maschine into Traktor... or the other way around traktor to maschine.

    depending on what type OS you use...

    the 2 im familiar with are Voicemeter potato for Windows or Blackhole for MacOS

    how you decide to tie-in the Kore device... ultimately depends on which application kore integrates with

  • LostInFoundation
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    It all comes down on how you want to use it. If you are interested in adding also Traktor to your arsenal, then using directly its controller mode to use all its functionalities is probably the best thing.

    If on the other hand you are interested only in the knobs and buttons and you want to use them to control another program (Maschine or some other DAW), then you must hope it will have a midi mode and be midi mappable (I’m not sure it has been announced yet).

    And in this case, probably you’ll have to map it as you want it or wait for mappings for the various programs from the community. I doubt NI itself plans to release them. They never did. They created for themselves the opportunity to keep their controller up to date in the integration domain but never cared too much, releasing very few official templates here and there for very few aspects (mainly Live integration and a couple more things)

    LXNDR_BE Member Posts: 73 Helper

    I saw that too and had 2 ideas

    1) they just wanted to demonstrate that it has a USB HUB and the Maschine Mikro looked cool

    2) there where rumors once that NI tries to combine Traktor and Maschine more in future

    For now:

    • you can use the Maschine Mikro with the right mapping on a remixdeck, so no need to buy a F1
    • if you only have these 2 controllers that have no soundcard on board, you need to install some kind of virtual mixer and sync both (Traktor and Maschine) via Midi or Link.
    • OR use 2 soundinterfaces, one for Traktor and one for Maschine and go into a HW Mixer

    I have the S5 as controller and use my Maschine MK3 as Live-Input into the 4th deck so that I can use the MixerFXs

  • samoo
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    I use machine via ableton, and syncing to traktor via link which is better than just midi.

  • Sparty
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    Hey @samoo when you sync through the Link, can you play loops in Traktor (using my S4 MK2) then add crazy synth beats and patterns with the Machine Mikro MK3, I managed to link however the volume from the Mikro was very quiet- Any tips appreciated.

    I watched a Video with Ean Golden from like 9 years ago doing this to add the production to his DJ sets?

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