how to make Traktor Audio 6 recognized by Ipad 7 and Dj Player Pro ?

El Bolito
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I saw that it was normally possible to connect the Traktor Audio 6 interface with timecode vinyls (DVS) to an iPad, via the Apple camera USB 3 adapter, using for example the "Dj Player Pro" software.

my ipad is a 7th generation with the 16.6 update.

everything is plugged in, the 9v power supply is also connected, the 2.0 usb cable is connected to the Apple adapter... but nothing happens. I really tested everything, I can't get the DVS signal in the Dj player pro software.

it seems that the ipad doesn't recognize the interface.

However, in the DJ Player Pro user manual, it's indicated that it works without problems with Traktor Audio 6, and on the Native Instruments website, it is indicated that iPads also support the interface.

i tested with my computer on windows 7, it works perfectly with Traktor 2 software.



  • LostInFoundation
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    Are you plugging the interface directly into iPad via cck? Try to connect it to a powered usb hub and plug THIS into the iPad

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