After purchasing Komplete 14 CE, the Plugin Alliance vouchers do not work

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I upgraded to Komplete 14 CE and received 3 Plugin Alliance vouchers for additional plugins. (worth 29.99 each).

If I redeem the voucher, I see the redeemed voucher in the shopping cart, but the price does not change.

In the shopping cart I get the following message:

"This product increases the level of your dynamic discount but cannot be discounted further due to a voucher."

Specifically, it is about the product "Mastering Compressor Class A" or "Bettermaker". The products are currently on sale, like almost all products in the store.

Can someone please help me to redeem the vouchers? Thx a lot



  • catch-22
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    The voucher doesn't seem to meet the conditions of the products you have in cart. Maybe there is some fineprint in your voucher email which might explain your situation. Like minimum spend or no products already on sale or stuff like that. No idea, just some thoughts.

  • JesterMgee
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    If a product is already on sale, a voucher cannot be applied. Vouchers do not apply to items on sale, upgrades/crossgrades or hardware purchases.

    I cannot find the T&C for PA but I would assume it is the same as the NI T&C:

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