Which licenses are connected to a Maschine MK3

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I just bought a used MK3 and it all works as I had an MK2. The previous owner didn't know if he had anything he needed to transfer and since it all works, I cannot really see if I'm missing some licenses if I at a later point want to sell either the MK2 or the MK3.

What should be the basics when getting the hardware? I expect the Maschine 2 software could be required , but am I then able to have two licenses for this software (one for MK2 and one for MK3)?


  • Symian
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    Everything that comes as standard with a new mk3 is include when you register a used mk3, the license for the products can all coexist on your account, I've got numerous maschine licenses etc all on the same account..

  • LostInFoundation
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    I think the question was exactly “what comes as standard with a new mk3?”

    It’s quite easy: it comes with Maschine 2 software (that will be identical to the one you already own, if you have Maschine 2) and Komplete Select, which if you don’t own it cause it wasn’t included with MK2 (I don’t remember), is a bunch of very good instruments and fxs that would be a pity to lose just cause the seller hasn’t request the license transfer. In any case if possible I would ask him to request it, because it’s your right to register your purchase in your account and usually previous owner don’t even lose access to the software.

    In any case you can see all the products included with an mk3 in this page. The first part are the synths and fxs which are part of Maschine 2. After “Includes Komplete Select” you should find all the products you will get if you don’t already own any version of Komplete

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