Where do I download Synth for Komplete Start?

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Dear Anyone.

OK, it's the freebie package, I'm a learner!

I've got Kontakt 6 (if that's necessary for this, remember I'm a learner so treat me like I know nothin' cos that's probably the case!) I've installed Native Access because I wanted Komplete Start.

Took me awhile to work out there wasn't An Object called Komplete Start anywhere - was looking for something called Komplete Start like there's something called Reaktor! Now all I really want at the moment is a nice collection of New Agey pads to use and I'd heard a demo of Synth and loved it. But it's not listed in my Native Access and I thought it was part of Komplete Start. Where do I download it from?

If there's anything else in Komplete Start that makes NICE pad sounds - the choral/organlike sounds you hear in New Age music (which is what I want to write) NOT the tortured-alien-deep-space pad sounds (which I'd never use!) could you tell me what it's called? Last dumbass question.

Pretend I've got Synth or any others you suggest for Komplete Start. Do I load them into Kontakt 6 to use them or are they all individual VSTs? Yes, I read the 'Getting Started' bit and it said what a lot of the things DO but not if they're individual VSTs or if I load them into Kontakt 6 to use them. Right now I just want nice pads to use. I'll probably come onto the other things but it's all a mega-steep learning curve, I think I'd be happy for the moment to just have nice pads to do New Agey backings for my other instruments/VSTs with. I know the Kontakt sounds/leads are probably better but gimme a chance to get to them, k? Pads (string pads, organlike pads, choral/vocal pads, anything New Agey/Ambienty) first. As I've got Kontakt 6, if anyone could tell me the name of a library of pads for Kontakt 6 I'd prob. shelve Komplete Start and just use those to make life easier for me, so feel free to tell me free/paid-for libraries of Kontakt 6 pad sounds, too. Last thing and thanks for reading. Here's an example of the kinda backing tracks I'd LURVE to have the sounds to make.... (NOT the piano, just the backing sounds.)

Thanks for your help in advance.


Yours puzzledly



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    You can see exactly all the products you get (and you should find in Native Access) in THIS PAGE. Being Komplete 14 Start just the name of the “wrapper” product, you won’t find anything named like this, but all other products in the page should be listed under NA.

    The only object listed named only SYNTH should be the Kontakt library selection, therefore you can load it in the included Kontakt Player or in Komplete Kontrol (which will in any case load an instance of Kontakt Player inside of it).

    On the site’s page is also well specified in the categories what is what: the first seven synths are mainly Reaktor ensemble, therefore they will load in Reaktor or Komplete Kontrol.

    All the 9 sampled instruments are Kontakt libraries and therefore they will open in Kontakt or KK

    The things that are plugins and you will find “directly” in the plugins list in a DAW are the last listed: the 2 fxs and Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt 7 player and Reaktor 6 player. Through these you load all the others.

    About which instrument have the sounds you are looking for: since you don’t get too many products to install with Start, I would suggest to install them all and once you have them all listed in Komplete Kontrol you could try to find the sound you’re after using their browser and its filtering capacities. Like this you will focus a “type” of sound instead of focusing on single instruments. You need pads? You’ll have all the pads from all the instruments listed to chose from

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