Kontakt Sample Loop Tab in the Wave Editor

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there are 8 possible loops you can create, yet I can only figure out how to use 1 at a time. What is the point of having 8 possible loops you can create, if you can only play one at a time? Is there a way to have it play loop one, then continue on to play loop two next, then loop three, etc? I've always wondered this. Any video on YouTube only ever addresses how to make one loop, and never talks about why there are 8 loop slots, and what to do with them.

Does anyone have an example of using all 8 loops?


  • medusa
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    Basically nobody uses them. An "idea" of a feature that never found a practical application.

  • EvilDragon
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    You can use the 8 loops in conjunction with the "Loop Count" parameter. So, you create loop areas that are consecutive (come one after another, NOT overlapping) and then with Loop Count parameter you decide how many times each one gets played.

    I think this might've been used by some Intakt libraries way back in the day.

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