HELP - Calculating time remaining after trying to download anything

rudymatos Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I just purchase Invasion and I'd like to give it a try. Since last night, I've been trying to download Kontakt 7 Player and Invasion using latest version of Native Access with no luck.

I tried installing the Intel Based version of the app, previous versions , restarting my computer and adding more that 15 items to the queue at the same time but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?

M1 with MacOS Sonoma



  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 184 mod

    Hey, heads up, Sonoma has not been officially released and as such we have not announced our support for Sonoma OSes yet, as it is in Beta and unstable. I can't say for sure that the OS is the reason without knowing more, but just making you aware.

  • plepola
    plepola Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    I have the same issue, and I strongly believe the reasons are Sonoma's security changes related to disc access. This does not surprise me because this has always been a challenge for Native Access.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    It could be several things:

    1. check router settings if http-connections are blocked (or if only https connections are allowed)
    2. check security software if something is blocking aria2c and whitelist aria2c in case it gets blocked
    3. turn on hidden files -> go to Macintosh HD / tmp -> delete every file with the ending ".metalink"

    To make hidden files visible:

    • Navigate to the folder where you want to find hidden files.
    • Press Command + Shift + . (the period key). This will show hidden files in the folder.
    • To hide the files again, press Command + Shift + . again.

    If that doesn't work out, get in touch with our support here:

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