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I’m a hip hop instructor, and a plumbing contractor, so I’m trying to find something that works for work and play. I’m looking at the dell xps 15, I’m concerned because I see almost every Dj use a Mac, can anyone help me with pros and cons. Can you use Spotify or do you have to purchase music thru iTunes or is there another digital source for purchasing music. I used to Dj with all vinyl so I’m a bit lost in this digital world, any help would be much appreciated. I have the traktor s4 thanks


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    To run DJ software such as Traktor, Serato or anything similar, almost any modern computer off the shelf will do (the one you list is fine), DJ software has pretty moderate requirements really. Going for PC you can save some cash since something around $500USD could run the software fine. Most choose macOS because of the brand/reputation for reliability which is understandable, but also because for inexperienced computer users macOS can be a little easier to get along with as there is less tweaking to make things work. Choose whatever fits your budget and preference really, both do the same thing in the end.

    In regards to music, Spotify does not allow a license to publicly perform music so there is no way to (easily) use Spotify with any DJ software. I am not sure on Traktor as I use Serato which supports Beatsorce, Beatport, Tidal and Soundcloud as streaming services but I think Traktor is more limited and supports only Beatsource/Beatport.

    iTunes is not supported by anything in regards to purchased DRM protected files, they can only be used in iTunes and not loaded into DJ software (or any non-Apple stuff).

    Purchasing music these days so that you have a copy you can freely play is quite a difficult thing. MP3s are almost becoming obsolete in favor of streaming services but these services often do not allow public broadcasting or downloading of files. TBH I have no idea where you can purchase MP3 files specifically, much of my old music comes from many CDs and a time before streaming and I simply use Soundcloud as a backup for newer stuff I don't care to have a copy of (which is most stuff from the last 5 years really)

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    I always recommend testing PC laptops before buying them because there is 50:50 chance it will issue with Traktor when WiFi is activated. I've seen reports and especially with Dell high end gaming laptops. Those are optimized for FPS and headshots :)

    Most pro DJs use macOS because there is no optimization required for Traktor and for Windows there are support pages on Windows optimization tips on most DJ software websites. I love Windows for it's file management and when it works perfectly but would only use it at home.

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    Yeah I don't use Traktor, I use Serato and have a 8YO windows laptop (and macbook as backup), nothing special, I use WIFI constantly to find songs I don't have via Beatport and have never had an issue with it in all these years so maybe Traktor is a little more "special" but DJ software is far from demanding on a system, a gaming PC as you put it that has the power to deliver FPS for headshots, should be able to also easily play 2 MP3 files at a time without much effort :)

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    Problem with PC is that real time audio processing is a background task for Windows, same as WiFi and therefor same CPU resources are used which can lead into audio drop outs and clicks even if you have 16 core processor.

    For Traktor, always test the PC before bying if that's possible. I bought dell twice and not making the same mistake again. It is optimized for other things than DJing and most PC laptops are like that.

    Check out XMG DJ laptops. Those exists because someone got tired of optimizing Windows :)

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    Im running Traktor on a Ryzen 7 lenovo ideapad 5 with 8GB ram and it doesnt blink an eye in whatever setting I push it.

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