Why is Native Access not installing Kontakt 7 anymore on my PC ?

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I created a support ticket with NI two weeks ago for this issue but they didn't get back to me. So I sent another ticket just now. In the meantime, can anyone help me out. As of this morning' Kontakt 7 doesn't even open for me anymore. Versions 4,5, & 6 still do, but not 7. Whatever the latest version of 7 is, I seriously need it now. When I attempt to open it... it looks at my RAID drive indefinitely. It doesn't stop blinking. It never did this before.



  • Uwe303
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    have you tried to clean the windows download folder and try again, sometimes there is the iso file left and it does not work.

  • Topographic4001
    Topographic4001 Member Posts: 5 Member

    That didn't help.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Topographic4001 Is it request number 4022191? My colleague got back to you on the 18th of August with a download link for Kontakt 7's installer. Please check your inbox, spam, filters, etc..

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