Query about displayed download times for Kontakt packs in Native Access

carl.caulkett Member Posts: 7 Member

I've just selected "Kontakt Factory Selection" for download using Native Access 3.3.0. The pack is 637MB in size and indeed, Finder is telling me that the ISO has already been downloaded to my Downloads folder, and is showing a file size of 637MB. Yet Native Access is telling me that there are 25 minutes left for the pack to download.

How can this be? I do not have any other internet access occurring on my Mac at present. What is going to happen when I try to download Kontakt Factory Libraries 1 and 2 (file sizes 24.97GB and 39.39GB respectively). I'd be quicker installing from floppy disk, FFS 😮


  • carl.caulkett
    carl.caulkett Member Posts: 7 Member

    Just by way of comparison, I was able to download all 44 Ableton packs (I'm reinstalling on a new machine) which is a total of about 80GB in less a day. using the same computer and internet connection. Now that NI have been taken over, could you not ask your owners for some better technical infrastructure, because what you have in place, currently, is woefully and embarrassingly inadequate 😠

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