Maschine fails to save ANY file halfway through! HELP!

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Community, I desperately need help resolving this or I’m deleting Maschine for good after 12 years…

Maschine will run perfectly fine and projects will save with ease. After a few more days working on it, it just says “file cannot save. Unknown error”.

if I individually go to each group and save, I SOMETIMES find a group it won’t save…to which I then have to fine comb and find the wav it didn’t like for some reason, delete it, and it saves fine. But this is not always the case. It’ll be just a basic wav file I recorded within Maschine too going to the same folder they all do. Extremely annoying AND, sometimes after trying to delete each wav to find which is preventing the entire project from being saved, it still will not save.

I go to native access to update maschine and it will NOT update due to “unknown error”.

I’ve used maschine for years and have never had this issue. The only external plug in I use is Kilohearts Phaseplant and its effects which runs perfectly fine.

I have not changed folder locations since installation which it ran fine with for years.

I’ve tried customer service with no resolution. I’m about to switch to fruity loops.

In summary, projects will save, then all of the sudden won’t and reverts back to previous versions. Maschine wont update. Tried FAQ’s to which THE ONLY ANSWER I CAN FIND IS “we are aware of this happening and don’t have a solution as of now”.

Please advise.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @RANVAC There's a lot of information here.

    First of all, about the error message in Native Access, what locations have you chosen for installation? Please post a screenshot.

    Have you tried these steps? Fixing Software Update Installation Issues (Windows)

    Now about the issue you are describing, the saving not functioning thing. Where is the folder where you save your projects and Maschine recordings? Have you tried saving to a different location?

    My colleagues from support got back to you. If what I wrote is not helpful (and even if it is) please get back to my colleague with more details on your issue so he can further help.

    RANVAC Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Apologies for delayed reply. Will post screenshots now. I'm a decent producer but terrible with tech. I'm sure it's a simple fix somewhere.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @RANVAC Unfortunately the screenshots are blurry and I can't really read the paths. I also asked for where you store the Maschine projects. The best is to get back to my colleague anyway as he will probably need some files from you.

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