Maschine Plus and Kontakt Factory Library Rock Guitars

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Hi, is the rock guitar in Kontakt Factory Library the only electric guitar library available for the Maschine Plus? If yes, is it good sounding? Is every note of the rock guitar sampled or is there some pitch shifting involved? Also are the samples of the rock guitar recorded DI (dry) and the effects (amp sim and cabinet sim) come from Maschine Plus or are the samples recorded already wet (with effects)?


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    Not in my studio, so can’t check, but…

    It’s impossible to create convincing distorted guitars with sampler plugins, unless you spend more time programming the part than to learn play it on guitar.

    Accuracy of samples is actually pretty irrelevant compared to all the playing nuances and little glitches of a guitar performance and the sonic characteristics and behavior of a tube amp driving a speaker cabinet. (yes, I know there are great amp sims around, I use many of them… sometimes they’re convincing enough, sometimes the tracks get reamped through a real rig)

    On a sampler based standalone box like M+ you’re better off with guitar loops from sample packs (Expansions) or your own guitar recordings.

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    Hi, I know. But to have an option to be able to install pretty good sounding electric guitar instrument for working on ideas for songs would be nice. Something like for example a light version of SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE (just the multisampled melody instrument, without pattern-based instrument) either with the amp and cabinet sims that come with library or even better with an option to install Guitar Rig 6.

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    Ok, then I‘d recommend using a syth plugin through a distortion effect instead. Use a pluck sound (Prism, FM8, Massive, or a dry guitar sample) and run it through the Mulholland Drive.

    Also I remember an FM8 sound which I like to use as „electronic guitar“ or to beef up guitar parts. AFAIR it’s called „Feedbass“. Might be monophonic, but it has a nice driven amp feeling to it. It’s a factory preset and should be available on the M+. There’s a couple of other guitaresque sounds around as well.

    Might be a better solution than a sample based sound.

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