Why can't I switch from WASAPI (Exclusive Mode) to WASAPI (Shared Mode) or ASIO?

Cut Short
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Hi, I'm having an issue when trying to change drivers in Preferences when in Maschine 2 on Windows 11 using my MK3 MIKRO.

The sound works fine on Exclusive Mode, but when I changed to Shared Mode it plays for a second or two (very low quality) before stuttering and freezing all together. When trying to switch to ASIO (I recently installed FLEXASIO) it fails to play anything at all.

On Shared Mode, the Sample Rate box is completely greyed out and the status box will occasionally say "Stopped". On ASIO I can change the sample rate but it makes no difference. It will also occasionally read "Stopped" aswell

I have a video of the issue, but I can't post the link so here is a screenshot:

As you can see the play button is lit up, but the white line wouldn't move

Thank You for your time, any help would be appreciated


  • Uwe303
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    if you don´t have an audio interface wit a proper asio driver i would recommend first to buy/get one until then use asio4all and uninstall the flexasio.

  • JesterMgee
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    Shared mode is close to useless in Windows for real-time audio apps, there is too much overhead with Windows managing the audio stream that it will stutter and perform badly.

    As mentioned above, without a good audio interface that supports proper ASIO drivers you may have spotty performance using 3rd party generic drivers but never used "FlexAsio" before, no idea on how that performs, Asio4All is what the benchmark has been for 30 years and it can work in most cases, but will still struggle in some since it can only do so much so the dedicated audio interface is the way to go, just make sure it supports its own ASIO driver as some cheap ones (Behringer for instance) suggest to just use A4A.

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