Connect to SR.C vs Pickup SR.C (Reaktor Core)

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So I started to watch the ADSR Reaktor Core course and I notice that a few things are different. The course was made on Reaktor 5 and I am using Reaktor 6. In the first project, there is a video teaching how to make a counter using Read, Write, +, and the sample rate clock. However, in Reaktor 5 it gives you the option to connect the SR.C to the Read module, whereas in Reaktor 6 it is called "Pickup SR.C". I figured they might be the same thing with different names, but the counter is not working using Pickup SR.C (and everything else is the same), so unless I'm missing something else, I think they are different. Can someone explain the difference? And if I want to connect the SR.C, what would I have to do in Reaktor 6?



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    Hello JMod,

    there is no difference, so i think you´re missing something.

    Maybe the Core Cell Outport which delivers the signal to Primary is not switched to Audio?

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