NIHostIntegrationAgent missing on OSX

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Hi all...

Running OSX 13.41 on an M1 MBPro and have a weird problem I can't troubleshoot.

My Pro software is current but it doesn't see the controller, though it's on the USB device list.

The troubleshooting says to add two services to startup at login, I was able to add NIHardwareAgent but NIHostIntegrationAgent is nowhere to be found and I can't find a downloard for this service.

I tried a reinstall through NativeAccess, no luck.

In Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Hardware NIHardwareAgent is there but NIHostIntegrationAgent isn't. Is there a way to download or to do a reinstall that will force the service to install?


  • Markovicz
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    Hi @MrSpeakers,

    please follow the steps from the article below and let me know whether this restores the functionality of your controller:

    How to Reinstall the Native Instruments Controller Editor

    What's the result?

  • cmerida
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    I have the same issue and same Mac, running 12.5 and the re-install did not reload the missing NIHostIntegrationAgent.

  • PoorFellow
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    Please check this :

    Be sure Full Disk Access is granted for NI applications under System Settings> Privacy and Security> Then under "Privacy Section" scroll down to "Full Disc Access" right arrow. Will open up the NI apps, and you slide them all to "on".

  • barnobi
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    Has anyone found a resolution for this?

    I have tried (without success)

    • reinstalling 'controler editor'
    • granting full disk access to all my NI applications
    • searching for NIHostIntegrationAgent on my mac and enabling it as a startup item (cannot find the file at all)
    • searching for a download of with no success

    I would really like to be able to use my hardware again..

    I would also really like to know how and why this file went missing and everything just stopped in the first place

  • Badform
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    Hello gentlemen, I have a similar problem. osx Bigsur 11/07/10.

    I know, I know - NATIVE no longer supports older hardware, but let's roll with it because RIG kontrol 3 is quite nice and slim. I also only have NIhardware agent and can't find nihostintegration.

    After installing drivers 2.8.0 and controller editor 1.7.4. the equipment is connected and ready to use! my controller sends signals and everything is fine as before! I'm only happy for a moment because unfortunately when I restart my Mac, the controller no longer works.

    Please help me how to "force" these drivers to be active after restarting my Mac? To use the hardware, I have to install the driver every time, which keeps sending me a message like: "The installer encountered an unknown error that prevented the installation, please contact the software manufacturer for assistance. "."

    Nevertheless, as I described above - the controller works well. but until your Mac restarts. you know - in order for my DAW to "surprise" the midi signal from the NATIVE hardware, I still have to restart it... you know - I'm secretly counting on the NIhostintegrationagent to maintain communication with the hardware and not allow the system to deactivate the drivers...

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