Installing Traktor on New Mac


Hi. I have been using Traktor Pro on my old Mac for about 10 years and currently have Version 2.11.3 17 installed.

I have recently purchased a new M1 MacBook Air and need to install Traktor Pro on this. I have downloaded Access but it does not give me the option to install the Trakto Pro I have. Instead it takes me to the page to either purchase Pro 3 or update pro 3. Each of the options costing money. Can someone please help and tell me how to install on my new Mac. Thanks


  • solsta
    solsta Member Posts: 108 Helper

    are you using native access 2?

    log in to your account on native instruments and you should be able to see your purchases. Once you've logged in, you can click on the user icon (shaped like a person) and under that menu will be an option for my products and serials, your purchases should be in there, if they aren't then its possible you bought Traktor under a different account/email address?

  • daveBrenno74
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    Thanks of the quick response. Yeah I have done that and it takes me to Registered Products and shows Trakto Pro 2 S4 and then a serial no then it says Download Via Native access so when I click on that it takes me back to the access download screen then when I do that it takes me to the Pro 3 download or upgrade screen but wants to charge me

  • Stevan
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    Pro 2 won't work on new M1 or on any Intel mac that has Big Sur or newer version installed. You might want to upgrade to Pro 3.

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