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    Is there a list of M1 Beta tests I can join?

  • Tomboman
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    I think there is no M1 Beta at the moment (unfortunately)

    As @Matt_NI posted on a different thread at the end of June (was about VST3 support), that Maschine and Komplete Kontrol will be Apple Silicon native in around 3-4 months. So I guess a Beta will be out in September or so?

    What would be fantastic, that a post like that is there for other products (even if it is 2023, but to plan ahead). I for myself am looking forward to Raum as a native version, whenever I use Rosetta, Logic gets unstable after some time. And Raum is my go to reverb, sounds sooo good :)

  • Andrew Sears
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    Has anyone else had any issues with installing Spitfire libraries into Native Access? Every time I enter the serial number for each project I get a message saying the library was successfully added however it does not actually show up. Any thoughts/solutions?

    I am currently talking with Spitfire and NI but I wanted to shoot this out to you all anyway.


  • Danny IRE
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    This has probably been discussed many times, but I have a new MBP with M1 Pro, OS Monterey, and all Native Access apps are up to date. Every time I open Komplete Kontrol with my Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2, the software crashes and I have to re-open. When I re-open, I can open some instruments, but there is constant crashing. So I really have to question Rosetta compatibility. If I open a Logic track where Komplete Kontrol at least was used on a track, it will not open, even when launched in Rosetta. So basically, my Native Instruments library is redundant with this new MBP unless I use Kontakt only (and I still have to very that fully, though it does run natively). Is this the experience of everybody else?

    Every other music production software I use is M1 native at this point. Two years since M1 release and NI have still not addressed it.


  • Calagan
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    I have the same laptop as you, but everything is working under Rosetta, or while using the AudioUnit version within a DAW running native...

    I have some stability and CPU efficiency issues, but I'm using my Native Instruments almost like normally. Of course, because they are not native, I need to run everything with Rosetta (so I've got the CPU penalty for ALL my plugins only because of NI) or use only the Audio Unit plugins (this was my workflow choice) : it took me a lot of time to replace my VST instances with AU ones on the sessions I needed to run native.

    I think your bigger issue is with Komplete Kontrol : did you try to run the NI plugins without using Komplete Kontrol ?

    All this said, I'm agree with you (and almost everybody else here) : it's a shame they still didn't release any M1 native plugin outside of Kontakt 2 years after M1 release...

  • audiomidiplus
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    I had the opportunity to surrender my Komplete 13 Ultimate license for a refund, as I have had issues even getting Stradivari, Pharlight, and a few other items to even INSTALL on Monterey M1 Max MBP, AND only about half of the libraries work within Kontakt. BUT, I am going to wait...and wait...and wait, because the stuff is really THAT good IMHO... I just hope that they get their act together soon!

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Danny IRE I contacted you by email, we need to check what's causing these crashes. These are not expected, we need to check your system in order to find the cause of the crashes.

  • spurn
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    Posted this in a separate thread (which of course has been closed), but it is LUDICROUS that there is no compatibility with Apple Silicon almost TWO YEARS after its release, when EVERY other software I use is now M1 compatible. I recently purchased an M1 Pro laptop and an Apple Studio with M1 Ultra because Kontakt was running native and supposedly the rest of Komplete was running via Rosetta, but running NI stuff through Logic on Rosetta is a crash/bug fest and obviates the entire reason for buying Apple's new, faster machines. Windows is another story, obviously, but every professional composer I know here in Los Angeles uses Apple hardware, full stop. I know that NI has been teetering at the point of bankruptcy for a while now, and it's not surprising given their total inability to keep up. It's a shame, because as we all know, they make so many great products, but I now find myself systematically switching to other companies' software. And please don't say it's Apple's fault for creating better and faster machines.

  • Jblogg
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    It's ridiculous there is no native m1 support. Don't blame apple. Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world and they do business how they want. NI is a small, financially challenged company moving through several leveraged refinances.

    If you try and promote your music online, we all deal with a version of this -> Instagram forces you to use reels, YouTube changes the algorithm resulting in a sudden drop in views. None of these social companies share their roadmap, so you can blame and complain and never have your music heard, or you can adapt.

    Any excuse for NI to blame the super successful company that makes products hundreds of millions of people love is a failed approach. Apple will never change for NI, NI needs to adapt for their customers and they have not.

    We CAN hold NI accountable! I won't stick with NI long term, I will slowly find versions to replace every NI plug in I use, with companies that have a track record of support for apple (many of these are much SMALLER companies than NI). So lets start the I'm switching thread, for those of use who don't feel the need to defend Apple, just want to find great plug ins that work for our preferred platform!

  • Eklethe
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    @Kaiwan_NI it's mid-august 2022 now - is there any update on native progress?

  • Calagan
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    Or better said : is there any sign around here that they actually started to do something ?

  • BariMan
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    I own Komplete 13 Ultimate, Komplete Kontrol s61 MkII, and about 20 Spitfire libraries that run in Kontakt. I bought a Mac Studio Ultra the day it was released, and the performance is amazing. I ran it in Rosetta until Nuendo 12 was released, and I also use Logic for composing. Imagine my surprise after switching all my libraries over to native, that Komplete Kontrol software doesn't work. I know i misread the postings, thinking Komplete Kontrol meant only the hardware, but after 2 years? If NI is waiting for the release of Ventura to release the native compatible software and hardware for the entire line, that would be a reasonable thing to do, but let us know that's the plan! Right now Apple silicon users are totally in the dark, with a very powerful computer that NI is asking us to leave in 2nd gear so we can use their products. Steinberg still has most of their instruments running only in Rosetta, but I know they plan on releasing most of the upgrades with Ventura so they can stay up on the ever changing Mac OS. Smart move. If NI is planning the same thing, the users need to know, because as of now, I am looking for a keyboard controller that works natively so I can use the DAW controls while I am composing as intended. I think NI makes stellar products, but treating the user base like mushrooms doesn't work in this day and age.

  • Eklethe
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    Agree with you 110% @BariMan and @Calagan, @Kaiwan_NI is there any fraction of an update that you or anyone at NI can provide? I can hardly run my Native Instruments setup at this point my computer is chugging so hard. If there was the roughest timeline of native compatibility on M1/Monterey - that would allow me and many other NI users plan for the future with your products.

  • MusicStuff
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    I just don't understand the lack of communication. even their Apple Silicon (M1 / M2) Compatibility News page used to have the date of "article last updated" now they removed when that page was last updated.

  • anzbert
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    I've had NI products for a long time, and slow software development has always been a theme. Their products are great, but they do leave you waiting with updates, and they don't communicate all that much with the community about progress. Must be company policy 🤷.

    Ah well. I've stopped checking for updates, because that won't make them get here faster and settled on using the AU plugin version, which work in the native apple silicon build of Ableton. That works well enough for now.

    I wish they released the native builds sooner, but it is what it is. All the frustrated comments here don't seem to make a difference either 😅

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