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I bought Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 Keyboard in February, from Amazon.

When I get the keyboard I realized that transport controls doesn't work properly in Logic Pro. (when I open the logic and try to use transport controls by pressing them, piano sound coming, sometimes works but it is rare) I am using 14 inch MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Pro Chip. I have made some research online to solve this problem but, I couldn't find any. Probably end of February or beginning of March I got in touch with Native Instruments support team. They created a ticket (3651267) for my issue. But it took months to make a remote control session. In the end we did the remote control session but we couldn't solve the problem again. I am guessing the guy who got in thouch with me via the remote control session has understood what the problem is. But there was still no solution. 8th of May he said in mail "thanks for the good conversation on Friday. There is always something new to learn and it is very helpful to better understand this issue.I'm trying to find more information about the localhostthing. I'll just put the ticket on hold."

Yesterday (17th August), I sent an e mail to the guy who was trying to help me. I have sent the e mail via by my ticket. But a couple minutes later an e mail has arrived that says your ticket is closed.

I have some questions here.

You did not solve the problem and told me that my ticket was on hold. Why now I am learning that you guys closed my ticket? Did you guys solve the problem? Since no one get in touch with me and my problem still continuous, no. Are you guys trying to cover up this problem?I know some people have the same problem with me.Are you guys thinking to do something for relief?

I am starting to regret that I bought this keyboard. It caused a lot of time wasting to me. I know the keyboard is cheap and it is nothing to your company. But I am a costumer. It is big for me. If I pay for something, I want to get most out of it.

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