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I can confirm that that the Traktor Kontrol S3 Firmware for MAC OS Does not update.

I do not think that the correct firmware version has been uploaded for MAC Users.

I had assisted Marcal303 remotely earlier & can confirm that this version (Link Below) for MAC OS is not version 1.2.0

This Is The MAC OS Update Details

The same information is presented in the Windows version as well.

I am honestly not sure if the Dev team will ever look into this but for users who own an S3 Unit, My best advice - 1 of 2 methods

1 - Download a Windows OS Iso & run it virtually ( VMWARE or alternatives ), download the demo of Traktor Or install licensed version of traktor on the virtual machine & update the firmware that way

2 - Try Get a windows laptop, Install Traktor pro & update the S3 Kontrol unit that way.

This should resolve MAC OS users until One Day the NI Dev Team comes to terms that alot of users are experiencing major problems.

Here is the link to the Windows Firmware Version to assist.

All The Best to You Guys.

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  • Marcal303
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    Hi @Quade !

    I appreciate a lot the help you are providing to the community.

    I have had the chance to use a pure 100% Windows laptop with the '' and... I am having the same issue!! The latest version of Firmware appears as 0.2.0 instead of a newer 1.2.0.

    So, the same issue for WIN users as well.

    I have also checked the S3 download page info and NI list 1.2.0 and 0.2.0 in the same document

    I hope NI Dev team can provide an update soon.

    Best regards,

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    hi, I have a similar problem with X1mk2 on macOS Monterey

  • Marcal303
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    From NI

    "This is normal that some of the controllers come with different firmware from the latest we have online. The factory updates it due to several reasons like component changes and so on. So the one you have installed is the latest one."

    So for NI it's normal that the latest firmwares are NOT the ones available online... 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Quade
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  • Quade
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    So I just connected my device now to see the firmware version & It states the same as the Updater, Perhaps the updater & firmware versions may have been labelled incorrectly but I do know that my unit has updated to the version 1.2.0 released.

    I don't know, Have you heard anything back yet? I highly doubt to.

    Stay posted.

    Warm Regards

  • Marcal303
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    I appreciate you are checking this.

    It's evident to me there is a typo with version 1.2.0 that is labelled as 0.2.0 in the same installer package. Why not spend time fixing it looks like a mystery.

    The other obvious thing to me, is that NI has some internal mandate to spend as little time as possible maintaining the current Traktor S2, S3 and S4 hardware ecosystem; maybe it is a good sign because they are assigning resources for some new upcoming hardware or maybe it's the opposite, a sign that it is not a profitable business division for them. Time will tell.

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    Indeed. I do not have any faith as there is a "Road Map" out but hardly ANY interaction on updates.

    STEMS has been on the out since Traktor Pro 2

    Then STEMS has been re-introduced as separation with subscription & also included the Pattern player.

    As much as the Pattern Player is a decent feature, STEMS should have been incorporated already with the software, but instead, STEMS has been limited to certain hardware. Stupid really, what's the point then?

    Should DJ's actually go out to buy the hardware in order to utilize the STEMS feature?

    Nah Native Instruments direction forward for artists & DJ's are not of any interest at all.

    The software alone is not up to standard & yet the more we as DJ's /artists arguably notify on the forum about software glitches & issues, they are quick to reply stating to rather log the thread in a different location.

    What Is The Actual Point Then Of This Community Forum if non of the issues DJ's & Artists are experiencing with their software they release?

    Why focus on new features when your base software alone is not fully functioning?

    Just my point of view.....

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