scripting independent-count Round-Robins for all 128 notes?

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I need help properly scripting independent round robins on a multi-mic instrument. (Guitar)

I have 2 mics, 5 Velocity layers and Two RR per note. I've set this up in 4 groups.

1 - Mic A RR1

2 - Mic B RR1

3 - Mic A RR2

4 - Mic B RR2

I don't know how to tell kontakt to play each note on an independent RR count.

Group 0 and 1 together in RR1

Group 2 and 3 together on RR2

Can you please help me with a code example. I've tried code examples found in this and in the old NI forum but to no avail.

Please help.



  • EvilDragon
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    You need to adapt the example from Mr. Lion's post #8 in the thread I linked above.

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