Maschine software improvements

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Hello all,

  • Maschine like a real DAW
  • VST/VSTi Routing (asked hundreds of times) 😏
  • Piano roll improvements
  • Preserve piano roll zoom when navigating to different groups/Sounds
  • Focus on the audio playback bar when zooming in the piano roll and song windows
  • Drag/drop VSTi content from one group/sound to another group/sound
  • Improved display of drop-down menus😏
  • Improved automation curve editing

I think that all these features and everybody's else's will not be implemented quickly because NI wants to preserve its ecosystem as much as possible, and that's normal. This is why a generalist DAW would question Maschine hardware. However, the number of Maschine users is large enough for NI to be more attentive to the demands of its users. I understand this can be complicated and it's not just Maschine at NI.πŸ˜‰




  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for sharing @Olivier33

    Logging this for the team πŸ‘

  • Andy Wt
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    @Kaiwan_NI have NI really started accepting feature requests for implementation, or its just usual way of NI's (no-)communications? In former case you dont need to log anything new - just implement 50% of requested features from old forums list.

    Oops, sorry. Seems its about Maschine, not Maschine+

  • OhulahanBass
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    Multitracking and a better EQ with spectrum display could replace most of what I use a DAW for (Bitwig & Studio One).

    I try to stay in Maschine as long as possible because of the hardware integration puts soo much at my finger tips that using Maschine is a delight. The fun decreases as soon as I move my tracks into a DAW, it feels more like software and less like an instruments. If I could stay in Maschine I would but I need multitrack and a more informative better EQ in mixing.

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