How to install traktor dj mk2 software on ipad

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Hi all

Have bought traktor mk2 s2 and trying to run it with my iPad. The dj traktor pro app doesn’t let me log into SoundCloud as I’m currently in Japan.. Is there a way to down load the software onto iPad that isn’t an app… that way I can upload music from files rather than paying for another music subscription? Or is there a way to log into SoundCloud from japan?

just starting out with djing so thanks for the help all




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    Traktor DJ2 app on iPad can load upload music from Music app on the iPad itself. Not the best solution, since you have to import the songs in it using iTunes, but feasible.

    It also have Soundcloud integration, but probably if you have this kind of problems with Soundcloud on the computer because of Japan they will be the same on iPad (didn’t know in Japan you can’t log in to SoundCloud…are you sure of this? I can’t find any info about it).

    Probably the best way if you want to use it on your computer will be using a VPN, that would “fake” your computer being somewhere else than Japan (not a big fan of VPN, but…hey…if it’s the only solution…)

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