Speaker output and headphones out of sync

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Wondered if anyone can help here.

I have a travelling DJ setup for when I go on holiday which consists of the following;

HP Laptop running Windows 10 Pro

Traktor Pro 3 Software

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch controller - This is connected to the PC via USB, and Pioneer Headphones connected. I have a Anker Bluetooth speaker but its wired to the controller via a 3.5m jack lead.

It all works perfectly...But.

The audio output via the Anker is slightly behind the headphones output, making it really hard to mix.

Also when I mix both tracks in the headphones and its sounds beat matched, then push across the cross fader one of the tracks is completely out of sync. Its really bad! Is this settings related?

Before anyone says anything, yes I could be a really bad bedroom DJ, and probably am, but I sincerely think I'm not that bad :-)

Any help or advice appreciated.




  • lord-carlos
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    The problem is the anker Bluetooth speaker. Even with line in Bluetooth speakers often have a delay.

    Either get different ones, for example minirig 3.

    Or live with it and mix in your headphones.

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