What is the best traktor ready mixer with pads available today?

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I know there’s the Z2 but seeing as they don’t sell this any more on the NI website, I guess that’s being faded out.

interested to know what I should go for if I’m thinking of upgrading to the pay monthly. X2 1210mk2



  • myalteredsoul
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    None of the latest mixer offerings have come with Traktor Mappings built in to Traktor or in their download sections.

  • tibq67
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    I would definitely go for A&H 96, it supports Traktor directly

  • Lkd
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    2k 😬 would love something with RGB pads. Looks like i’ll wait for NI to sort out a new Z2 styleee mixer 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • Patch
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  • Scratch-E Con
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    Any mixer will work. But you'll have to do without beat detection and postfader FX.

  • Lkd
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    Yeh I’m after one that works with that. It’s cool I’ve realised there isn’t one anything recent but like the Z2, but thanks

  • Stevan
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    Mixars DUO and QUATRO are closest to the Z2 but requires custom mapping. And are old and maybe discontinued too.

  • Patch
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    It's a real shame that none of 'em are mapped out of the box.

    The only option is to map one yourself. And, I, for the life of me, can't figure out WHICH one is best to be mapped. They all seem to have some significant shortfall in the usability when you try to map it to Traktor.

  • Kubrak
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    Try to wait a month, two or so.... My guess is new HW will come soon. Maybe in September/October. I do not know if Z2 replacement will come, but almost certainly something is going to come.

    No S8/S5/D2, no Z2... No S-series keyboards... Not much update to Traktor and Maschine.... And Maschine+.

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    I have already tried to map different mixers for Traktor (beginner level) and there are some differences. I just list them all and try to show the +/- points of the respective mixers. The order also corresponds to my choice if I had to limit myself to one:


    Positive: Here I had the fewest limitations when mapping. Only a few functions on the mixer are already hardwired. The sound is very good. The processing too. Haptics and user interface excellent. Build quality is good. It's already the new standard in many clubs here around. On and off state possible almost everywhere with a few limitations. Very nice Pads. Master BPM is received which is very cool for the hardware filters, but not to decimal places. Just the full BPM steps e.g. = 85 BPM, 86BPM, 87 BPM and nothing in between. Very good faders.

    Negative: The price and the height, becuase it hardly fits into any of the cases that have already been collected. If I then have to buy a dust cover and my own case, it quickly amounts to 2400.- euros. The screen is very limited with use for Traktor. Maybe it would be possible for the professionals in the mapping area to get more out of this.


    Positive: In the Pioneer universe of the Battle Mixers, the first new standard, many things would then be taken over or improved by this mixer. It is compact and you can map it relatively well. The on and off states are also good with a few exceptions. Currently very affordable on the refurbished market. Also fits in old flight cases, etc. good faders.

    Negative: The sound and the processing. compared with a DJM-S11 like day and night. The gain is not in line with the EQs, which makes the user interface just confusing. You can't select the different deck options separately from each other. If you are e.g. on cuepoints this always applies to both decks. So you can't fire hotcues on deck A and beatjump or slice on deck B at the same time.


    Positive: Very good sound and processing. The limitations of the pads are gone. So I can fire hotcues on the left and do beatjumps on the right or use the slicer.

    Negative: Most limitations in mapping compared to the S-11 and S-9. A lot is hardwired or the on and off state doesn't work. also the faders are not as good in comparison, especially the line faders. The gain is not in line with the EQs. All in all, this mixer has annoyed me the most so far from all new age Pioneer Battle Mixers and I would not recommend it.

    Reloop Elite

    Positive: The price. I also think the processing is ok. You are already used to the faders from the Z2 (Innofader) and the potis are very good. I would describe the pads as neutral, but a bit spongy. The sound is also good. The phono pre-amps are almost the best of all the mixers listed here.

    negative: The most hard-wired stuff of all. No hardware filters. Strange design. Does not fit in common cases. User interface very confusing. Along with the S-7 the hardest to map for me. No purchase recommendation as a Traktor user.

    My conclusion: If you still want to flirt with Serato or Rekordbox anyway, the assessment will of course be different. But my recommendation is clearly the DJM-S11 or a refurbished S-9.

    I've gotten to the point where I take the DJM-S9 to gigs myself because I don't care if it breaks. I leave the DJM-S11 in the studio and only use it if the club already has it.

    But meanwhile I'm so far that I'll probably try the RANE mixers, I've heard from other users again and again that they are easier to map and there are fewer limitations.

  • Lkd
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    Very interesting! Thanks for the in-depth response, appreciate it 🙂

  • Owner
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    you're welcome. if you have specific questions for one of these listed mixers, just let me know and i will try to help you out. I was years ago in the same situation like you, because of the lack of hardware development from NI.

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