Jam is sold and sold… but it’s not NI making the money… Why?

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Hello folks.

I see so many people buying/selling Jam sonce it was discontinued. Perhaps M+ Jam support was a motivator as well…

There is real money going back and forth… passing by over NI’s pocket.

Why NI wouldn’t crrate Jam mk2? Same controller, updates design… maybe a few updates. Doesn’t it make sense for business?

If there would be a hint, small info about an upcoming beats… so many people would stop buying other things and wait for it. Maybe…

What do you think?



  • LostInFoundation
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    Unluckily “info about upcoming” is something NI is REALLY against

  • Kubrak
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    NI several times communicated no plans for Jam any time soon.

    I do not understand it, small uplift of Jam and it would be great companion to MK3/M+ and possibly to Traktor (if NI would make any effort to support Jam in Traktor out of the box)....

    Anyway, I bought one spare Jam just to be secure in case the other one dies one day. Saying that, I do not expect, there will be Jam Mk2.... :-(

  • tetsuneko
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    Personally, I have no desire for a Jam, unless it becomes possible to record realtime performances directly into the Arranger. Way I see it, Jam is just excess bulk and redundancy for features you can already do on Maschine+ standalone.. But that's just, like, my opinion

  • LostInFoundation
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    In facts, Jam has been created in order to expand what you can do with a “normal” Maschine.

    They wanted to add more direct controls on editing and creating arrangements. An example is the multi step sequencer which is indeed nice and useful. Also having access to multiple patterns on multiple groups without switching pages is really, REALLY useful. Just finger drumming on one group and changing pattern on another one is practically impossible on a single Maschine.

    Then they added also the touch strips (which at the time were not present at all on other controllers, then they added one to MK3). What you can do with multiple of them is not achievable with a single one: play/strum multiple chords, control/turn on and off with a single touch different fxs parameters (specially LIVE FX ones),…

    Surely is not strictly necessary, but redundancy is probably a word I would not use for it.

    Sure, they added a way to do the same things that you do on a Maschine, but this was just a plus. What it has been made for is all the other aspects.

    These are just some examples, there are others. One over all: try to play Snake on a normal Maschine as you can do on a Jam 😏…😂😂😂

  • D-One
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    Activity in the used market doesn't mean Jam was a successful product and hit whatever target they set out for it, usually when a product is killed it's because it didn't perform well enough but there can be many other reasons.

    If you want to be optimistic you can interpret it as: Making a new Jam now is just not the focus, something else is, and eventually, after that's done a Jam can be a possibility, don't hold your breath, considering how old Jam is if they truly had any interest it would have happened by now IMO... But you never know...

    If there would be a hint, small info about an upcoming beats… so many people would stop buying other things and wait for it. Maybe…

    This is extremely dangerous, almost as much as a pre-order. You get a hint and make purchasing decisions but what if you don't like the execution of a new hypothetical JAM MK2? What if they change their mind and scrap the idea? What if it takes them 4 years to release it? Then people accuse them of false advertising... That already went very wrong when a promise was made that they were working on 'performance recording' which was at the time of release of Jam, then technical difficulties or priorities changes killed it and many people are still angry to this day.

    Want another example? If i look inside the Maschine application i see this:

    The name is exactly what you would expect it to be.

    I've known about this for a very long time but I never mentioned this before as I didn't want to give anyone false hope, now enough time has passed so be sure this device ain't never gonna be released. But the point remains, that's some kind of prototype that went far into testing enough to still have files present in the current version of the software but at some point the idea was killed. Now imagine them hinting it to users only to then never happen... People would be angry.

    One of the prototypes was actually sold on eBay, I guess someone from the office took it or something, there are still traces of it online even tho the ebay listing link no longer opens. I have a high res screenshot of the listing and device in some old HD. I actually tried contacting the seller and asking him to contact the buyer and i would double the price to keep it just as a souvenir but never got a response.

  • expermusic
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    That's too bad about the JAM MIKRO. Although to prove your point, @D-One I would have preferred just the touch sliders, not the button matrix. :)

  • D-One
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    I guess so. TBH given a choice Idk what I would pick, the idea of it being 2 separate parts would be kind of cool tho, say you're not happy with the matrix being non-velocity sensitive, an upgrade could provide that without replacing the slider part, maybe also an motorized fader module for those who value it enough to pay a much higher price VS touch sliders, etc...

  • Rico010
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    Wow. Thanks for these insights. That’s really interesting!

  • Braz
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    They killed their own business themselves. Jam could have been a must have for every maschine users with performance recording. Having marketing teams bigger than dev teams is not always a good idea.

  • Percivale
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    Took a pic (to save you some clicks). No, it didn't happened so don't get excited.

  • darkwaves
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    I realize a lot of people want to be able to record their performances; but it's not something I've ever really cared about. The extended step sequencer would be neat, but I wouldn't have bought a Jam just for the step sequencer

    If they turned it into an app I could put on my (android) tablet; then I would have probably given it a shot. That might have resulted in, "this is actually cool and I want it to be a physical device".

    It's very performance oriented. Go on youtube and compare how many are using maschine in a performance vs "look at me make hiphop, house and techno beats". Neat concept but I just don't see mass appeal for their existing audience.

  • 2A2E
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    I use the Jam nowadays as a very good controller for Ableton, works great especially with the leds in the faders.

    A smaller version would be nice just because of my little desk space.

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