Playbox as a part of a bundle is not valid ground for a crossgrade Komplete 14

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I think it should be clearly stated when you're buying crossgrade to Komplete 14 that if you have for example playbox as a part of a bundle it's not possible to use it for crossgrade.

In my opinion it's not clear enough while buying


  • LostInFoundation
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    That’s what they answered you about your problem with Komplete 14 crossgrade?

    Frankly, you are more than right. I hope at least they gave you a refund, since it says “registered users of” and that you must own one of the required products.

    Nowhere is stated how you must have bought it. You ARE a registered user and you DO own it.

    Probably is due to the recent offer they did for the small bundle at 49€, which was a very low price. But in any case they should have thought about it and specify in the crossgrade what you are saying

  • Mrsn
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    Yeah it feels a bit scammy. I had to open new support ticket asking for a refund, so I still don’t know if I can get a refund

  • Mrsn
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    Is it possible to get official interpretation and reasoning?

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