Is there an archive for kind of 'downgrading' within on release's version for some SW pacages?

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Is there an NI archive for SW packages to do a kind of a downgrade within one release's version?


When I experienced an incompatibility issue I did not have with that SW version/minor release of it before:

Where to get a former, minor released version of a special SW?

How to perform that downgrade?

Will a downgrade be possible at all?

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  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,984 Expert
    Answer ✓

    This is the only source for installers, but NI stopped including new ones years ago.

    The only way to have previous installers newer than the ones published there is to ask Support them…one by one…

  • RogiWanKenobi
    RogiWanKenobi Member Posts: 17 Member


    Hey, thanks for your answer; hmm, may this not be a good idea for folks, who want/can/may help themselves in keeping their own musician's env up and running?

    (If they do not want to join the race for all the latest features/... , and just want to make music)

    Well, I see the other side that there will be massively much more support requests; but, what if NI shows/makes definitely clear not to give support for outdated SW/those cases?

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,984 Expert

    Unluckily you used the right words…

    NI DOES WANT users to join that race. They are explicitly saying things like “we want users to be on the latest version”… so they make the process of installing the softwares you already own more convoluted

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