Garageband quits some projects unexpectedly

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I've been struggling with my issue already for a week in a row and hopefully NI Community could help in resolving it.

I changed a computer (M1) and updated it to Ventura. Before that I've been doing my projects on the previous Native Access (Kontakt 5), using NI and third part libraries such as EastWest sounds and Teletone Audio libraries. After switching to the newest Native Access (M1/M2) and installing all libraries again, for some reason GarageBand crashes while opening some of my previously recorded projects indicating "Garageband quits unexpectedly". Sincerely, I don't know where to find the problem. I've rebooted my system already for couple of times but it hasn't helped at all. Besides, I've uninstalled NI and downloaded it again on my computer.

If I open an empty project, there are all libraries in Kontakt 7 player and everything works well but if I change the plug-in to Kontakt 5, it opens only some of my libraries. Besides, if I open my previous projects that I was been recording with Kontakt 5, GarageBand doesn't open each of them, some are opened but the other aren't. If I open any empty project and switch to Kontakt 5, on the left side (see the photo "Kontakt 5 screen 1/3" attached) there aren't all my installed libraries (for instance you don't see there all Teletone Audio libraries and NI libraries). If I want to add any other library's instrument and drag it to Kontakt 5 player, there appears an icon with the text "Kontakt 5. This instrument belongs to a library that is not currently installed" (see the photo "Kontakt 5 screen 2/3"). The most interesting part of this is that the library is well installed and the Native Access locates it correctly. Also, some previously made projects open these libraries but other don't (see the photo "Kontakt 5 screen 3/3"). So this doesn't explain any problem with the compatibility of the Ventura and Kontakt 5 if all libraries are viewed correctly (as we can see on the photo 3/3).

What could be the problem why GarageBand quits unexpectedly some of my projects? What would be your advice to follow?

Thank you very much in advance!

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    You throw a lot of cases at once ☺️

    Having an answer for all of them would be difficult, but reading your post the first thing I thought is that maybe many of the libraries you freshly installed now require a more advanced version of Kontakt.

    Let’s make a casual example to clarify: maybe the hypothetical Piano library version X.3 was working on Kontakt 5, but its newer update Piano library version X.8 requires a newer Kontakt (hope you understand what I mean).

    About why GarageBand crashes…this is another discussion. From what you say, the problem could reside in its interaction with Kontakt 7 but also in GarageBand itself.

    In the past, other DAWs had some similar problems and one of the things causing them was something related with the graphic card. I remember Studio One crashing with NI products and the solution being deactivating the High DPI mode, but I don’t even know if GarageBand has some similar settings.

    Unluckily Apple is quite famous for breaking compatibilities at every new OS or Device, therefore moving from one to another without any issue is practically impossible

    Sorry not to be able to give a more specific help than this, but as I said your case seems to be composed by multiple cases. I thought that telling you what came to mind reading your post could in any case give you some more material to reflect on, but in facts I don’t have any direct answer for you ☺️

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    Thank you a lot! I totally agree with you that the case could highly likely be composed by multiple cases. Have to ponder on! Thanks anyway for your time and support!

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    You’re welcome. Hope I could be more useful

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    @monsieurours If you want to open older GarageBand projects on a M1/M2 computer make sure to run GarageBand in Rosetta mode: How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta

    If you have crashes please check these steps first: KONTAKT Crashes

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