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Hello everyone,

I've very recently acquired a M32 MIDI Keyboard. I'm absolutely new to the whole music sphere.

I'm currently encountering many problems using the KOMPLETE KONTROL plugin in ABLETON LIVE 11 LITE.

The 3 main problems I've observed are :

1 - In some tracks, the pitch will randomly change (going one note deeper) when playing. This is the most annoying problem I have as it makes music producing impossible. Usually problem will disappear if I close and load the set again for example, or if I play a few notes before, but anyway as soon as I hit play I'm sure at some point (never the same point) it will randomly change and ruin the whole song

2 - When loading my set, I cannot display the plugin window anymore (which would work with the shortkey ctrl+alt+p). Basically I don't have access to the instrument window anymore. I have to load komplete kontrol plugin again (by insisting many times, from the left browser window in arrangement view), then put it again on my track and search for the same instrument... pretty damn annoying if you ask me !

3 - Randomly from time to time the track will go completely mute (yet no problems with my volume parameter on this track or whatsoever) and the only solution I found is to close and load the set again...

Please help me, I don't know what I did wrong but right now it's basically impossible for me to use the KOMPLETE KONTROL plugin in Ableton Live...

Thank you,


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    There is way more that we DON'T know from your post than what we do know. We don't know your operating system and computer. We don't know what plugin you're trying to use. We don't know what version of Komplete Kontrol you're using. We don't know how you installed Komplete Kontrol in Ableton if at all.

    Personally I think you need to read your Ableton manual a bit more to better understand how to handle using plugins and maybe some of the help info on the Native Instruments site for how to install Komplete Kontrol appropriately before trying to tackle all these various anomalies.

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    To be fair I didn't put these informations back because they are readable on the "About me" section but no problem :

    • OS : Windows 64
    • Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
    • The plugin I'm trying to use is Komplete Kontrol, as I stated

    Please let me know if I can give any other useful information.

    I'll read my manual again, but FYI I also watched many tutorials to get things started, including setting every parameters in Ableton up, downloading everything through Native Access, etc. and honestly I do not see what I could've done wrong. As far as I'm concerned I'm dealing with problems coming from Komplete Kontrol, not from me.

    Thank you,

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    The plugin I'm trying to use is Komplete Kontrol, as I stated

    The question meant what plugin or plugins are you using in Komplete Kontrol that are having these problems? Komplete Kontrol is just a plugin host

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    Alright, I think the problem has occured on different plugins from Komplete Kontrol, but I'm sure it happens at least on Hybrid Keys from the Play Series Selection

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    Ok so those are not plugins, they are Kontakt libraries. Do you have the same problem if you just load them using Kontakt?

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    OK, sorry for the misuse of the word, as they're called "plugins" in Ableton Live interface I called them the same.

    The thing it's not specific to Kontakt ; I've just witnessed the same problem with a song coming from the Monark library. Hence why I mentioned Komplete Kontrol in the first place.

    I have an update though ; I've just tried to use instruments from the generic Ableton library (the "808 drifter" from the Drif section) and the same problem occurs. So really in the end it seems to fully be an Ableton problem. Not sure I'll find a solution here then.

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    Can you start with posting a screenshot of your MIDI preference page in Live?

    For the issue where the plugin does not display again after reload, have you tried to click the little wrench to open it:

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    My point was not to argue semantics but the fact that since these are Kontakt libraries you could have tried running them just in Kontakt without Komplete Kontrol to see if they have the same problem in Live. The question here is through a process of elimination to establish whether the issue is Komplete Kontrol per se or some deeper problem in Ableton Live, which you appear to have discovered anyway. Maybe try the Ableton forum?

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    Try opening the instrument in Kontakt in standalone, then in Komplete Kontrol in standalone. If something is wrong at that point, rest the database, like you would for a crash:

    KONTAKT Crashes


    Make sure you run Ableton and Komplete Kontrol as admin: How to Run a Program as an Administrator

    Now about the pitch, check if there is any automation written (pitch bend information) or that the M32 is not sending MIDI by itself, you can check this with MIDI monitor: How to Monitor the Input of a MIDI Controller

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