How can I get Maschine 2 running again after deleting redundant "service center" folder?

Sir Loin
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Just built a new PC with Windows 11 and I was getting really annoyed with the duplicate file paths I unintentionally created - had extra user folders (desktop, documents etc.) because f***ing Microsoft really wants me to use OneDrive. Anyways, anytime I tried to open up one of my projects it kept opening up the empty "projects" folder I had in the OneDrive folder, so I added the correct file path in Preferences>Library then nuked the OneDrive folder - now I can't launch Maschine 2 at all. The folder I deleted only had a .pal (?) file (?) in it which I have in another folder where all my other NI stuff is located, but it still won't run. I've already tried reinstalling, deleting RegEdit registry, and app local folder - still won't work. Halp.


  • Uwe303
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    The on drive folder thing is annoyingy but the folder is there if you use it or not to syncy as far as I know, just leave it and set it to not upload your stuff if you don't want to.

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