Komplete s49 MK2 keyboard does not start when pressing on-button.

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Hi, I just bought an almost new Komplete s49 mk2 (one owner). When pressing the on-button it does not start - it only shows "Komplete Kontrol" in the left window and "Smart keyboard controller" in the right window. Then nothing happens - it stalls! I have sought if there's a "factory reset procedure" in the manual, but no reference can be ffound. Anybody "out there" who knows how I should go about getting it running? I willuse it with Cubase Pro 12.


  • Kisse
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    Thank you for your reply. It turns out the previous owner forgot to transfer the licence, thus making communication btw the S49 anz my computer. Necessary transfer-ID has been sent me, but due to ongoing travel I won't be able to register the next few days.

    Thanks again 😊

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    The fact that you have now the license is good, but it shouldn’t be relied. Registering the HW just gives you access to the bundled softwares, the HW should be working anyway.

    The messages appearing on your screens means the KB is waiting for a program to be opened.

    If you open Komplete Kontrol software (you could install it even now without waiting to register the serial: it is free) the KB should switch to Controller mode.

    If you open another software (e.g. your Cubase) it should switch to midi mode (unless you use in Cubase KK as a plug-in, in this case it will be Controller mode anyway). Just be sure you select the KB inputs in Cubase Midi options.

    Check this article to set it up to be used with Cubase:


  • Kisse
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    Hi, I've just made a seemingly successful Transfer of licence (ref. my products overview) and the Komplete kontrole s49 MK2 shows it's being registered.

    But, when turning on the HW (Komplete kontrol s49) it still only shows "Komplete control" in the left window and "Smart Keyoard controller" in the right window. None of the buttons on the HW lights up/becomes functional!? When opening Cubase I can play on the keys and make sound depending on which of my VST is opened. I have both vst's from both NI and other providers.

    I'm still puzzled why the HW doesn't open and give me full access to all the features, buttons etc.? E.G why it doesen't work as seen in many promotion videos.

    Is there a way to find out if the HW needs to be reset or (re)configured in some way to be working as expected?

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    Have you installed and loaded the Komplete Kontrol software? Mother buttons do not show anything unless you have a Komplete Kontrol instance open or use the KK plug-in in a daw. Also you need to setup the keyboard as a control surface in cubase for the transport buttons to do anything.

    try open the standalone KK app and see if things work there.

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