Cubase & Maschine Start Sync

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My song starts with 3 bars.

In other words, start with a break of 2 measures.

However, machine patterns start right from the first bar.

Is there a way to match the beginning of the song with the beginning of the machine?


  • LostInFoundation
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    I’m sure there is another way (maybe easier) but at the moment my not so lucid brain can think only about this:

    You can create another completely blank scene (on which the project will start) and then send a midi message from cubase to Maschine selecting the Scene with the patterns as soon as you want to play them

  • JesterMgee
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    Try add a blank measure that is used as a "sync" pattern and then adjust things after the measure.

  • LostInFoundation
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    This would introduce other problems: Maschine could not be stopped anymore, otherwise restarting it will always play also the blank measure and not directly the sounds. And also if you want to use, e.g., a 4 bars pattern and loop it, like in the case of OP, you’ll end up with a 5 bars pattern (or, in any case, longer than 4 bars) that will also loop the blank part and put everything not in sync (or not in the right spots) with the project in the DAW.

    It could be done that way only if Maschine’s project is long exactly as the project in the DAW and only need to be started at the beginning and not touched anymore until the end of the song

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