Is Reason 12 not fitted for NI (Kontakt) VST3?

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Hi all

Lately experienced a lot waiting time + memory chrash, when using a lot of Kontakt VST3 files in Reason 12.

  1. When choosing Kontakt 7 and then inside Kontakt choosing sounds (VST3) it takes 10 - 20 seconds loading the sound app.
  2. It takes up a lot of my memory, so now Reason 12 is starting to chrash, saying out of memory. Made an experiment between using Kontakt VST2 and Kontakt 7 (VST3) and have attached the results.

When using VST2 - Kontakt uses (including DAW) 56%

When using VST3 - Kontakt uses (including DAW) 66%

  1. When exporting a loop from Reason 12 to a WAV file, the export process now is more slow, than just playing the song.

It could offcouse also be Reaon 12, not handeling VST3 files very well.

Forgive my bad English and hope you understand my speed/memory issues here and mayby have some solutions.



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  • PoorFellow
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    So , I can see that you are on Windows 11 Pro and are using a Core i9-9900K CPU , so with that in mind then I would expect that you have plenty of RAM . However I can not see anything on your screenshot because they are so blurry. When uploading screenshots then try using JPG format and then save with %85 quality using Irfan View (world renowned free image program).

    Else , do you have any problems using Kontakt 7 as 'stand-alone' ?

    Anyway , you should expect that Kontakt 7 is memory hungry and personally I'd recommend 32 GB system RAM no matter what is otherwise specified as minimum..

    Also : How Can I Optimize the Performance of KONTAKT? :

    Otherwise there is also these trouble-shooting steps :

    KONTAKT Crashes

  • NielsenDK
    NielsenDK Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thanks PoorFellow - for answer so guickly :-)

    Yes I have 32 GB Ram, so my PC should be OK, for running Reason, NI, Waves and Spire.

    When running Kontakt 7 as stand-alone, it goes pretty quick and no lack there of loading diff. sounds.

    I will look into you links about optimize Kontakt and return with results.


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