M1 Mac Pro/Monterey/TP 3.9.0 - Comment Editing Bug When Sorting by Play Count

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I dunno if this has been discussed before (did quick search), but a persistent issue that I found is that if you are editing track metadata (comments in this case), while you have your tracks sorted by PLAYCOUNT, and the track being edited is playing, then the track will surely move up to a higher position along the browser to reflect its newly registered playcount +1, and all editing work you were doing will be left behind in the original track position in the browser, and end up immediately replacing existing tags in a totally different track which is now positioned where the track you were initially editing used to be. The previous comments for this unrelated track which now sits in the position you are editing will be lost.

This is quite annoying, and happens often because I believe people usually play tracks while they tag them, and for those situations in which you want to sort by playcount, the anomaly results in either lost work or erroneously tagged tracks.

I just don't remember if this should be logged somewhere else in this forum or a ticket has to be opened in order for devs to look into it. Anyway, I'll be glad to follow up if needed.



  • DJDL
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    Actually, now that I think of it, an interesting solution for this would be an EDITING mode, in which playcounts freeze during editing sessions and you can play tracks, tag them, edit hot cues, etc. without falsely incrementing their playcount. I think I read something like this on another post. Anyway, this seems a bit more complicated than just fixing the metadata boxes being edited so that they follows their corresponding track as it moves higher along the browser list.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    For that reason i only edit tracks while unsorted (sorted by #). And i don't edit tracks in smartlists, which opens a whole new bucket of weirdness when they suddenly drop out of the list entirely.

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    Same. And I never edit a playing song, not in Traktor nor in Apples music.app.

  • lord-carlos
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    The much needed collectionbrowser rework is on the roadmap. Sadly one of the last items. With current speed I would not expect it before 2024 though

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