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Hi and thanks for the invite.

Im new to Djing a few months and have been using Serato lite with my Roland DJ202 controller and this are progressing well but I had the opportunity to purchase Pro 3 le.

Ive installed the software but it will not let me upload the dj202 map as the add/edit function is greyed out.

Some help and assistance would be much appreciated to try and resolve this issue.

Thanks Ed 👍


  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 225 Pro

    Traktor LE stands for Light Edition. It comes with in bundles with selected hardwares and does not feature all functions of Traktor Pro.

    I guess the midi functionality is one of the missing features in Traktor LE. You might have to get the full license of Traktor Pro to use midi maps for your controller.

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