Any news on a traktor s4 Mk4 being released anytime soon?

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The MK3 feels pretty dated when compared to Pioneer and co latest controller. I love traktor but others offer more and I need to upgrade… :-(



  • Sûlherokhh
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    What are you missing on the S4MK3 hardware?

  • lord-carlos
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    The MK3 feels pretty dated when compared to Pioneer and co latest controller.

    Does it? While there is always room for improvements I feel like the s4 mk3 is one of the better controllers when it comes to modern 4 channel ones.

    It's also one of the latest NI controllers and just a few weeks ago NI produces a detailed 4 episode long course on youtube. I don't think they would spend the money on that when they will release a refresh soon.

    Anyhow, as for your question: Nope. No news on any hardware. About 2 years back they said they are working on ~something~ but we don't know what.

  • gmint
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    Exactly what @lord-carlos said. I love my s4 mk3. Just like I loved my mk1 and mk2. There is practically nothing I would change on it and I CERTAINLY wouldn't want an update just for the sake of updating it.

  • djchicco77
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    Hi all, I think the S2 and S4 Mk3 controllers have limitations (eg too short pitch travel and no proper master output, plus booth output with small jack cable which is embarrassing). The Mk2 versions seem to me the best releases, not surprisingly many people continue to use the Mk2 and have never switched to the Mk3. For this reason, many traktor users await the release of the MK4, which we hope will happen soon .... and which hopefully will take over some features from MK2 (including the RCA booth output) and be equally practical. The way I think the Mk3 came out badly as an idea.

  • lord-carlos
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    Does the s4 mk3 not have all that you want? Long pitch fader, balanced master and booth, additional RCA master)

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,550 mod

    S4 MK3 has more bugs than any other hardwere in my workshop here. They just need to implement fixes... The hardware is great just need software tweaking and could be pefect.

  • barney trouble
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    The S2 Mk3 was in many ways a big step down from the mk2. It went from pro level to amateur level. I have used these controllers for the last 8 or 9 years of my 28 year pro career. I don't want to go up in size to an S3 or S4, it doesn't suit my travel arrangements, or the available space at many of my gigs, even though some of their functionality would be welcome.

    The S2 mk3 lost a lot in the audio department, mostly in output level. Also the limited outputs. The main effects control centre was removed.

    What I would really like to see on a mk4, is:

    a 2-channel unit that's much the same size, with an audio input channel.

    a better, louder audio interface.

    XLR/ large jack and booth outputs.

    A proper headphone output (not mini jack, which is fragile & pathetic).

    Full effects control, including the channel FX

    Longer pitch travel (not necessarily for me, but i know others want it)

    It should not lose any functionality of the mk3. I understand space limitations, but much of what is there could be condensed without a problem, and even the jog wheels could be a little smaller (and improved).

    Perhaps NI want to keep an entry-level S3 style controller, at that price point, so this could, in theory, be a new line (S5?). The main argument for me is to have a traktor-dedicated controller, that is still compact, but with much better (more professional) functionality.

  • zephry
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    I think they still are selling quite well. Just a guess. Most YouTube Dj gear comparisons and "Best gear" videos for the last few years still always suggest it.

    I wonder if the next gear NI is going to developing will look similar to the X1mk3? If so that looks might be a reason to change the product line.

    Most of us that already have a working S4mk3 probably won't spend another $1200 or $2000 or whatever crazy price unless it is totally next level and Traktor has the full Roadmap done. I would need some very cool integrated features not yet available to spend any more money. Or my S4MK3 needs to break down.

    Most newer djs should have no issue being ok with any of the current models.

    Those are my thoughts, but I really hope something new comes out soon and the Roadmap features get completed.

  • viper9711
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    I would be happy about more pad modes like the competition has on a new S4MK3:

    -Pad FX mode

    - Loop Roll mode

    - Freeze mode

    This could probably easily be achieved using the Pad Mods shift level.

    The hard-working mods here show that it can easily be done using customized software - why not directly from NI?

    And a larger display, otherwise the device is great

  • Demonix
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    For those of us who don't like the poor audio, overpriced and children's toy quality plastics of the current pioneer dj controllers the S4 Mk3 is a solid pro level piece of equipment but it does need an update or imminent replacement to keep pace with competitors -hardware and software features. Pad FX / channel fx and loop controls could be improved and Traktor's organisation/ library management is not as comprehensive as
    rekordbox or serato. So are patches/ firmware updates for the S4 mk3 + Traktor 3.0 coming soon or a new model on the horizon? If NI has something in the works then when can consumers expect to see it?
  • lord-carlos
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    For the software sides of things:

    All we know is "soon" but they have been saying that for month.

    And yes, the collection browser needs a substantial rework. Fast. I actually want that more than any new feature.

    With channel fx you mean the mixer fx? You want more? What changes would you like for the loop controls? I really love those compared to other competitors products.

  • Oxy
    Oxy Member Posts: 87 Helper

    I just want a single deck of the S4. All we get is all in ones with terrible audio.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    @Sdb @lord-carlos @gmint @djchicco77 @narrownico @Stevan @barney trouble @Zephyr @viper9711 @Demonix @Oxy & the rest.

    I just started making a qml mini mod for the S4MK3 to address a few of the shortcomings, softwarewise. I pimped up the display (like in Stevan's JogFX mod, bigger Loop Display, less jarring Loop Blink, decent stripe) and added further easy access controls for the sequencer. I don't plan on introducing pad modes or adding to the display items for now, just general improvements to the functionality, much like my X1MK3 mod.

    Any suggestions?

  • lord-carlos
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    What I don't like about the s4 mk3 is that you need to hold down the preview button. But a mapping fixed that for me.

    Not much that is missing for me on the s4.

    But maybe you can find something you like from here:

  • gmint
    gmint Member Posts: 17 Helper

    Personally, I really don't find the MK3 to have any shortcomings... I use it weekly for hours and I really never find myself wishing anything was different.

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