Huge Bug - Anyone else encounter this?

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Recently installed the latest Massive X Update and now several presets cause popping sounds. This has happened in the past, but very rarely, and with only a few sounds. It seems to happen with many more sounds when running Massive X through the Komplete Kontrol software, but it still happens quite a bit when running just Massive X as an instrument plugin (in my case as AU in Logic Pro X, Catalina OS) After disabling random effects in the plugin to isolate the source, it seems to be related to adding voices in Unison. it can happne with as few as 2, but will frequently happen with 3 and above. Has anyone else noticed this? I haven't noticed any mention though initial search. Hope they patch this soon because, this is borderline game breaking.



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    Yes, I experience "CPU Spikes" for quite a long time. Even when using one instance of Massive X. Tried to solve the problem with NI support about one year ago, but still appears to this day when using Massive X, and also with Komplete Kontrol. I tried to figure out what could be the reason, but couldn´t find any similarities of the patches when the bug appears. To me, it has nothing to do with the Unison mode (of course this adds CPU when using more voices). I think the problem depends on some wavetables. I´m still using KK software 2.3.0 because all updates are not working properly.

    You could search the old user forum with key words "CPU Spikes":

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    Hi @DJM unfortunately there are some known issues with certain Massive X presets and CPU spikes when used wit Komplete Kontrol. Can you please report this directly to our support team? The more reports there are, the more likely our developers will prioritize this issue.

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