Changing the Thunderbolt port from dock to another, requires rescanning libraries

Roko Djokovic
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I have encountered a thing when I installed all the NI libraries on external drive, it was connected to USB-c port on Thunderbolt dock TS3. After I disconnected the drive and plugged the drive directly to the thunderbolt port on Mac Mini, the libraries did not get recognized, I had to rescan everything and reconnect the library folder. Ableton was crashing until I rescanned all the libraries. Does it really matter where you connect your SSD external drive? Why would this be happening? I want to know why, so I don't come across this issue again. It happened same with NI, UVI and Arturia libraries. Anybody knows why?


  • Uwe303
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    on mac, unfortunately, it matters. As far as I know that has to do something with the drive id or something like that, on windows only the drive letter counts, for example.

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