how to get third party plugins inside Komplete control

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Can someone help, im trying to get my 3rd party plugins into Komplete control, but I think im doing it wrong, im setting the location for my components folder, containing my plugins ( all for Logic Pro ), but when I open the Komplete plugin inside logic they're not there. Ive attached a screenshot of my plugins

location folder on my Mac.

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  • Kymeia
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    'im setting the location for my components folder' That's your main problem - Komplete Kontrol needs to load your VST3 plugins, it doesn't support AU plugins (.components)

    Install the VST3 versions including any NKS resources and they should show if they are NKS Ready plugins (eg from NI or companies like Arturia that support the NKS standard). If they are not official NKS plugins check out the NKS user Library thread for details on unofficial NKS conversions for many plugins but that takes a bit more work. Start with the NKS Ready and NI ones.


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