Recording issue in Traktor

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Hey Traktor community!

We have a recording issue with Traktor (no sound sent to the recorder). When in internal just on laptop mode it records OK both channels. Our next big gig is next Saturday and then again 26th August and really need this to work so we can record. Help please, this one is a mystery!!


Pioneer DJM2000 | CDJ2000 X2 | Macbook Pro

Steps Followed:

  1. Pioneer DJM Software - installed and set to 16 Bit 2 channels
  2. Midi - new Aggregate created and selected the DJM 2000 & CDJ's
  3. MIDI - Set to 41khz (matched in Traktor also)
  4. Traktor - Audio Setup External | Tried various options (2,3 on A and 4,5 on B) and tried a couple of other options just to see but no variants worked.
  5. Mix recorder - set to external (tried every deck - none worked, not even in Mono)

We have the same setup on a different Macbook (old Macbook and not stable so can't use it for playing out) and it works fine with the same set-up! Does anybody have any tips or things we haven't thought of?

Let me know if you need pictures.

(Also rock a Rane MP2015 though think I just need an external sound-card for this).


Echo Crew


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