Behringer UMC404HD with Maschine Plus

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Has anyone used this audio interface with Maschine Plus? It’s listed as compatible on NI’s website but having bought one to expand the Maschine inputs and outputs it’s not working too well. I can select it and get it working if I power the Maschine up with the audio interface already plugged in. However audio has constant gaps in it. I will probably return the audio interface but interested to see if anyone else has tried one in this configuration in case I am missing something simple configuration wise.





    DIS-ONE Member Posts: 34 Helper

    What’s ur settings on the behringer. Check your latency. And always check to see if you have the latest drivers.

  • Trevor Meier
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    That’s a bit concerning, given that it’s one of the few interfaces listed as supported (and the only compatible bus-powered 4in/4out from what I can see)

  • Solarwallace
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    Hi both.

    In terms of settings on the Behringer I don’t have access to that sort of thing when plugging directly into the Maschine Plus. Drivers also don’t apply in this case either. There is no firmware update available for the Behringer which was my initial thought.

    In truth I have now returned the audio interface as I can see no config settings on the Maschine Plus other than to select the interface and adding inputs and outputs. I thought it worth raising though as it’s listed as compatible audio interface. I’d be interested to know if anyone has this combination working or not for future reference. I may try a Komplete Audio 6 in the future instead.

    I do have a Zoom interface so may try that to see if it reproduces the same issue. It’s not a listed compatible device but if it works it will confirm the issue is not the Maschine Plus itself. It works in every other regard and I am not suggesting that is the issue but it’s good to test that hypothesis in this context I think.



  • Nico_NI
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    I would advise to go for a Komplete Audio, you'll be sure it's class-compliant for expanded I/O.

  • frawal
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    I use a Behringer UMC404HD, it works fine but I don't have a Maschine+, I have an MK3. I never had a problem though.

  • ugraal
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    I'm experiencing the same issue with 404hd in standalone. I asked for help to the support as the interface is class compliant and declared as supported. I wish to better understand the problem and maybe solve it. I will update you.

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