Does buying a master keyboard reduce latency compared to an electric piano?

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Until now, I've used the Yamaha's YDP-140 electric piano that was released in 2008 to connect to my computer and do MIDI. But about a few days ago a whole octave of it got broken and doesn't send any signal. I'm planning on buying a master keyboard, so just I'm just curious if a master keyboard reduces latency as well, compared to an electric piano that was released in 2008.


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    Save yourself some trouble, and just buy a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. you can't go wrong by keeping it in the family..

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    I doubt if you will see any noticeable reduced latency (but I couldn't say for sure !).

    But you should notice that the Yamaha YDP-140 electric piano can make sound without being attached to a computer (at least with headphones attached) whereas the midi 'Master keyboard' can not !

    On the other hand then if you buy a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol then you get a nice bundle of software to use on the computer. I myself like the KOMPLETE KONTROL S - series with it's dual display. No matter what then it's very important that you decide beforehand if you want 'piano' keys (with weighted feeling) or if you want a 'synth' key feel. And in that consideration also contemplate that you might want another play style if you get your hands on other sounds. With respect to the Native Instruments midi 'master keyboards' (and a lot of other brands I've seen including some synths) then only the 88 key versions have the 'piano' like hammer action - though I haven't tried the N.I. 88 key bed so I can not vouch for it !

    A N.I. 'midi master keyboard' , like DIS-ONE suggest in the above , is an entirely different thing from the Yamaha YDP-140 electric piano that , if used with your computer, I am sure that you will really get to like , especially with a hardware-software combo as offered by Native Instruments ! Some people complain that the N.I. keyboards in their mind is too bound to the N.I. software in functionality and while that to some extend may be true then as a midi unit then they are just as great as any other..

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    A different keyboard, be it through USB MIDI or regular 5 Pin MIDI will not bring much difference when it comes to latency. If your concern is latency, then the difference will come with a powerful soundcard and a powerful CPU on your computer, they are in charge of the audio processing.

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