Audio pops and crackles - possible solution

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I've had a high-end PC with Nvidia video cards for years, and I've had no luck in truly getting rid of pops and crackles - for years I've been sortof down on soft synths because of it. I was able to reduce it a lot by going into Windows device manager and turning off power management on all USB devices, but it never fully left. But I think I've found a solution, and I thought I'd post it here in case it can save some hair pulling for someone else. Need to open up Nvidia settings (green icon in your sys tray) and set the power management there:

- Set NVIDIA Graphics -> Manage 3D Settings -> Power Management Mode -> Prefer High Performance

This is such a "duh," but I never looked there...just looked in windows settings. I'm so thrilled to be able to use soft synths without issues.


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