Midi Mapping - loop set/unset question

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I have built a custom midi controller to do what I need to do for DnB mixing on 3 timecode decks and have 3 identical sections on my controller each with 3 rotary encoders with push buttons and hotcue buttons.

My 3 encoders are:

1) browse and click to load to that deck

2) loop/beatjump size select and click for shift

3) beatjump or loop move and click to set/unset loop.

The way I want it to work is that I rotate encoder 2 to select the size of beatjump or loop, then encoder 3 to set the loop or scan through the track with loop activated or deactivated.

I have got encoder 2 set up great so beatjump size is always set to loop and the size selector just changes loop size. I also have encoder 3 working great for rotation, but I'm struggling with the loop set button.

It seems that there are a few things that need to happen to set or unset the loop:

- loop active on (button toggle?)

- loop set(?) (Button hold?)

- loop out (?) (Button direct?)

When using these in combination with conditions around whether a loop is active or not, I can't seem to get the loop to set correctly. When I press set, the the loop doesn't activate, though I can do it manually with the mouse by simply clicking "out" in the software.

Can anyone help me understand what should be the combination of functions to set the loop as active with the length for the current set loop length, and to deactivate when pressed again? I also notice that if a loop has been set and then deactivated, if I beatjump back through the green markers on the waveform it automatically resumes the loop which I don't want...

Been playing around with it for a while now and I'm stuck for what to do!



  • Stevan
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    It could be that the deck is stopped and playhead near to the grid. The Loop Set is correct command though.

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