How to Uninstall or ReInstall firmware on Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2


So very recently my table started acting weird, basically, all the FX Knobs started working, started to think it was water problem but all the other buttons work completely fine so I narrowed it down to a firmware problem (had it on a DJ Table Technician and he said the same)

On controller editor the buttons don't work, drivers and firmware updated.

Another thing the turntable does is it's fading lights instead of light blinking on when you press a button so by that I know that the table does not have its correct firmware, MIDI mode doesn't start either.

So what I want is to reinstall or uninstall firmware because the one on my turntable is corrupted somehow, its version 68 of the Traktor Kontrol S2 and I can't uninstall ou reinstall because the Device Updater only let's me install a new one if there is a new one available and there is not.

Thanks in advance for the help, been a real headache trying to solve this issue, going to try here in the community.


  • bifescomnatas
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    I will add this is not a driver issue, everything is updated and the table works fine on the PC (I've tried multiple PC's) this is specifically a firmware issue on the table that it's not communicating right.

  • Vaughan
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    Traktor S2 MK3 Left Jogwheel not responding -How do I uninstall firmware Thanks very much.

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