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Hi, all

I'm currently doing pre-production on a sampling project where I would like to alternate between CC1 and Velocity for the dynamics of the instrument.

I am still relatively new to the world or KSP so there are some concepts that I don't yet know of. If you search for the Woodland Piano or Woodland Grand Piano you'll find some of my Kontakt work.

I know of an example which does exactly what I'd like to do, which is Waves Factory's Le Parisien.

That instrument has both CC1 and Velocity as modulators on the main groups.

So aside from creating double sample groups and having a button that triggers one off and another on, how would I create a "toggle" for these modulators like in the example above?

Any tips or reading material is very appreciated.

Thanks very much!


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    Curious to know what you're trying to achieve. Can you give us more details?

    The piano accordion plugin doesn't really give us any clues: its keyboard isn't touch-sensitive so it wouldn't be sensible for volume to be controlled by velocity. From the website it seems to control sample start, at least some of the time. (Many instrument programs of course, especially pianos, commonly use both velocity and a cc)

    Velocity and continuous controllers work differently so you would have to be quite clear about exactly what happens when you "toggle", especially in the middle of a note or phrase.

    If you just want 2 alternative ways of playing your instrument, creating 2 groups using Group Start Options would be perfect.

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    Hey Stephen, thanks for your input.

    For certain passages or styles of music I find that having the access to a piano style of playing an accordion is very useful; plus, I enjoy the ability to have the two options.

    The main thing is indeed having two alternative ways to play the instrument that are easily toggle-able. For Le Parisien, both the velocity and CC 1 determine the dynamic layer of the instrument, which is what I am interested in doing as well.

    However, so as to not double the size of the instrument, I'd like to figure out how to replicate the effect in Le Parisien where the same group is both affected by velocity and CC 1 at different moments (depending on the toggle).

    This toggle-able facet is the one I would like to come to.

    Hope that clears things up. Thanks again.

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    Duplicating a group to have 2 separate means of control would take you 3 minutes to program and have a negligible effect on the size and loading time of your instrument. (The samples are loaded only once.) It's the way to go.

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    Ah, of course, for some reason I was assuming the samples would be duplicated along with the groups (even though I did something similar for my pianos).

    A misunderstanding on my part, thanks for clearing it up!

    It would still be interesting to know how Waves Factory went about it, but this will do for my purposes.

    Thanks again!

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