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~5 years ago I started using instead of splice. Nothing against splice, I've just always been a native instruments advocate as I learned to produce using Maschine and it felt like I should continue to support their products and services. 

As we all know now, roughly 3 weeks ago silently vanished from the internet. I personally received 1 email from at the beginning of June which sadly slipped through the cracks in my inbox. I wasn't able to use my credits before it was too late. There is zero intention for compensation for unused credits, un-downloaded saved sounds are inaccessible, etc.

NI's customer service's response is "here's 3 'free' months of Komplete Now," (clear promotional tactic for their new / replacement service). I think it's an absolutely embarrassingly clear by this move how little NI's leadership cares about their user base.

If NI did care they would do a hell of a lot more to rectify this situation than to offer essentially a promotional trial run to their new service. As if being an indie artist wasn't hard enough. Now even the software companies are pulling these kinds of fast ones.

Dan Haver do better man.

-one of the little guys


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