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Well I have been a happy customer until I realized that the site is gone. Sooo what about all that money I spent/invested? Over 5k-10k sounds it's the hi-quality drum shots that I go to for all types of productions I work on. Is this normal getting duped like this because Splice did the same to me but they did not close. They just said no with customer service. I spend money and literally play as a participater in this new type of virtual crate digging realm. No respect for being a loyal customer just zero archive of sounds I even bought so much the site had issues with storing my purchases.

The only thing that doesnt talk back fight abandon yadda yadda etc is this music we all have and even is this day there's a way to disturb it. In the analog era the stuff you bought was in your house and it's still there.

I'm a nobody but I spent thousands in support of this new era I really feel cantankerously diapered with no blanket here what gives.

It's the fact that it's well over the amount of a nice new ROLAND Fantom-8 88 Key money down the drain fu me right. I really regret going along with this digital thing I am complaining and I am tripping on the fact that in the MUSIC WORLD OF THE TECH BOYS am I naive to belive that it is overun by young people who are just no obligated to any kind of sincerity. No nothing just pay more pay more that is about 5 years of slow cooking and searching for unique sounds. Add it up the monthly fee plus many time paying for even more for about 3-5 years seriously. Native is probably top tier high priced way over the average newer software competitors. It would be nice I really am going to lose it here and together ****** my archive collection.

No reimbursement huh nothing in any form


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    I am not sure what/if support can help you , but for what it's worth then here are a couple of standard responses for you ! I hope that N.I. support actually can and will assist you somehow !

    Quote Jeremy_NI : You should have received an email about the closing down. Not sure what my colleagues can do, please get in touch here:

    Quote : Kaiwan_NI : best to get in touch with our support team : (link edited to reflect changed server response)

    Quote : Kaiwan_NI : sounds like our email might have gone to your spam box... For any questions about your account, please use the NI contact form here:

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