Problem with Traktor 3.9

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i have problem with my traktor

40 days in row i play every day

3 times in last 10 days starting some problems

in the mid of the night the track stops and i must CUE play again and after that i cant load track in the deck

i was forced to close the program and restarting the mac

i notice that my mac doesnt respond when i do restarting so i force down from the button to restart,

 i have the same issue 3 times 

my setup 

Macbook m1 pro, s4 mk3 + x1mk2 With ventura 

Traktor Is updated


  • Sûlherokhh
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    This has been a recurring problem not just for your setup for years. The workaround in many cases was to deactivate ➔PreferencesLoadingLoad only into stopped decks. Does this help?

  • Djfilopoulos
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    No my friend,I can't LOAD SONG,i don't have issue "load only stopped deck" it different from that

  • Sûlherokhh
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    The issue i was referring was that Traktor somehow thinks that a deck is playing, although it is not. And this setting was keeping the stopped decked locked, unable to get a song loaded.

    So tell me:

    Do you have a checkmark in the setting "load only stopped deck" ?

  • Djfilopoulos
    Djfilopoulos Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    i answer tou you that.

  • Slid
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    Today the deck stopped and could not load the track into the deck. the deck stuck and did not respond, then the sound disappeared.
    After exiting the traktor, the traktor process remained in memory and it was necessary to forcibly turn off the process through the Windows 11 task manager.
    There was no report of a blocked deck.
    windows 11 last update.

  • ChrisMadem
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    edited August 31

    The same problem many times with 3.8 …4 times in the middle of the summer wirh 3.9….

    I have sent many messages to NI support team and no answer yet for this problem …

    macbook pro m2 with Downgrade to Monterey

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